Wordless Wednesday. Twin-ny Moments at the Harbourside.

I promised to share with you my adventures over the Easter weekend. So here comes one!

I am not doing the talking today (for a change). You see its ‘Wordless’ Wednesday, so you get lots of pictures. This is a special one on our day trip to Newcastle at the harbourside. It was a pretty relaxed outing, just lazying on the waterfront, taking plenty of pictures and of course, great food. All of us appeared to be on a ‘reflective’ mode, which is great because that is what I longed for…to slow down a bit!

And what I saw through my lens almost choked me with affection.

A bond unfolding between brothers, oblivious to everything but each other. I can only thank God for this special gift.

Linking up with the amazing Trish from My Little Drummer Boys for some Wednesday fun.


My Little Drummer Boys